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Moreover, thanks to IP Scanner Pro you can easily reveal the identity of all connected device, view their current IP address, MAC address, device name, manufacturer and other related info. What is more, IP Scanner Pro also helps you personalize the way you visualize your network by enabling you to apply custom names and icons to each discovered device. You can also adjust the type and amount of information displayed in the network overview based on your needs.

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With the help of its built-in scanning capabilities, IP Scanner Pro allows you to get an overview of the devices available on the network, including devices that are actively and passively present, and check the network changes over longer period of time. On top of that, the whitelist feature makes it easy for you to filter out known and trusted devices and discover new or unauthorized ones.

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At the same time you can use the context menu to add the selected device to any of the above mentioned lists. You also have the option to inspect any of the discovered devices, wake them on LAN, open it in Browser, VNC or any given app, ping the device, scan the ports and remove it from your list. All in all, the IP Scanner Pro app is a versatile and intuitive utility with the capability to help its Mac users to effortlessly find all active devices on their network with just a click of a button. It is an open source tool that offers a great deal of flexibility and power when it comes to performing any kind of active network reconnaissance against a target.

With Nmap you can craft packets and send them to a specific target and let the software analyze the response. For beginners, Nmap can be a little bit intimidating because there are so many different scanning combinations that get you different results. It is a portable, easy-to-use and free network scanner for Windows. Advanced IP Scanner is free of installation. Another cool feature of this tool is that it detects the RDPs or Radmin ports, and it will let you manage the device remotely right from the platform.

Angry IP Scanner also called ipscan is a free and open-source network scanner. It was designed with simplicity in mind, the software is ultra-light, no installation is required highly portable and it is fairly easy to use. It can also resolve hostnames, find the MAC address, and scan ports. You can extend the amount of information received about each target with the help of plugins.

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Eusing Software creates miscellaneous free applications for windows users. Among the most popular tools is the Free IP Scanner. This tool is a lightweight standalone scanner which can check a hundred devices per second. It is only supported by Windows OSs.

The last one can show details such as host-name, workgroup, active logged users, and the MAC address of the device. All the results obtained can be exported into a TXT file. People like Free IP Scanner because it is simple, portable and easy to use. However, it cannot be extended with more functionality.

NetCat is not strictly an IP Scanner, it goes well beyond that. It is however a tiny Unix networking analyzer utility used by and against hackers for a large number of reasons.

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It is tiny but powerful. NetCat is considered as a feature-rich networking tool used especially for debugging and investigation. With NetCat you can create any kind of connection. The most common use for this tool is to set up reverse and bind shells, redirecting network traffic, port scanning and forwarding, debugging scripts, and service banner grabbing. It is a free and powerful IT management tool that can scan networks and find your assets.

With the scanner, you can target a specific IP or range of IPs and get a full inventory of all computers, servers, virtual servers, switches, routers , printers, VoIP phones, etc. The results can be easily exported and created into a report. People love LanSweeper because of its ability to automatically deploy scripts and commands to many devices at the same time.

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It uses an integrated deployment feature to automatically deploy software and execute commands on the devices shown on the inventory. The software goes beyond scanning. It will let you get deep details through scanning, find issues and proactively fix them. On the basic level, this tool will scan the target network and will show the IP, MAC addresses, NIC vendor, OS Version, logged users, and shared folders of the wired and wireless devices found an easy-to-read list.