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I think because of Wep encoding not sure therefore not accepted by windows. If this is the problem, is there a way to use WPA? Yes, you mac needs to be constantly on for ti to work, but work it does. I have been using this for several years now. It works fine on Snow Leopard, and I believe it also works on Lion.

What is not often mentioned is that you can also use it to enable Ethernet access of non-WiFi devices to access a Wireless net.

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An excellent feature which I hope Apple continues to support. Big problem …!! My new iPad3 is asking for a password..!! And I have forgotten the password I ve been using earlier on my iPad!!! How to solve this problem..? I would be very thankful for any assistance. Kind regards, Johan.

Frustrated now. This worked great for me until I upgraded to Any ideas? Deleted the password — now internet sharing works, but everyone can use it. Not a acceptable solution for me.. I followed the guide and managed to set up the wireless network.

How to turn off Mac "Internet Sharing" | Documentation

I did this to access the internet through my iPad. Now I can access my email on my iPad, but for the life of me I cannot surf the internet. Crazy I know, but I would really be happy if anyone can advise me on how to overcome this problem. Same here. Why oh why oh why? Can someone tell me why this does not work at hotels that require you to login with a username password. I followed the steps exactly, I got my ipad to find the hotspot and also connected to the hotspot. Once I loaded Safari or any app that requires an internet connection, my Ipad wont connect to the site.

My laptop that I am using right now is connected to the hotels internet using the ethernet cable and a login that the hotel gave me. Once I set my laptop into wifi sharing, all my devices can connect to the hotspot but none of them actually get any internet access. Any suggestions? Shawn, I am having the same problem! I have googled this many times and there seems to be absolutely no reply re: Please let me know if you find a solution…thanks!

How to turn off Mac "Internet Sharing"

Hussen T, I have the same problems that you have mentioned above. Waiting in great anticipation for someone who can come to our rescue. Does the mac have to be connected to the router with an ethernet cable? Since a few days i am experiecing a problem. I am able start internet sharing from macbook pro, my adroid phone easily latches it on the open network and i can surf, but at the same time i am not able to use internet on the mac.

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It also happens vice versa. Something really strange and i am not able to get a proper solution. This worked on my MacBook so that I can use my iPad3 without a router.

How to Share Internet from a Mac to Other Computers & Devices

My cable Internet provider is Optimum formerly Bresnan and turning internet sharing on did not seem to effect my service. I am trying to do the reverse, receive a wifi signal from my apartment through airport and send it out through ethernet to my router. But the router never receives the internet signal. Is there another setting I need to adjust?

I cannot just go out and purchase a bridge because the internet requires you click through to proceed. So frustrating….!! Any idea why, though? The Apache web server remains bundled with […]. I have to do this every time I switch my Mac on — it seems to forget the setting. Anyone else have the same problem? Sharing is not working after a reboot. When you go to the sharing control panel, all settings seem to be right but the internet connection is NOT being shared. I have to turn it off and on to make it work again. This bug has been around for a long time now and makes it unusable for me.

Enable and Disable File Sharing On Mac OS X

Do a search and see how many people are having the same issue. So ive managed to set up the internet sharing so my macbook is working as a router but my iphone cant connect, it picks up the signal and tries to join but never fully joins, am i doing something wrong? I have my computer connected with an Ethernet cable to my Internet Modem.

These are my options:. This then […]. I want to either whitelist myself, or blacklist someone from the internetsharing. Either way is fine. This is bc I live with 2 roommates, but our neighbor is useing it aswell. I think one of my roommates gave him the password. Any help is very much appreciated. Sorry for the broken English. The airport card cannot handle distance around the workshop. So Anyone know how to do this?

I changed the DHCP X and it was off to the races for internet! Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: Also, this should probably be a comment to my answer, not an answer in itself. Might want to delete the answer Yea, certainly this should be a comment to your answer, but for some reason I am not able to comment on there answers unless someone has already made a comment.

Maybe because I am a new user. I am running OS X Another thing I noticed is that when I launch internet sharing in the preferences gui is that the process natd network address translation daemon also gets started. I'm wondering if I also need to launch this process, currently investigating how to do this, there seem to be complex arguments needed to start this process. Strange, after a while, it stopped working. If I run the command and then open the pref pane I see that sharing is enabled, however the connection isn't actually being shared.

If I manually stop and start sharing on the pref pane, then it works again without problems. Any clues about what could be wrong? Navarro Jan 5 '11 at The receipe of Ken works! You have to leave a 30 second delay after the unload to be able to do a load again. Doesn't work on Philip Regan Philip Regan 5, 1 24 Perhaps, but it works and the answer is within the constraints of the OP's question: Hence no "official" downvote.

Isn't that what thedailywtf. Just be forewarned that if Apple changes the layout of Systems Preferences and the Sharing pane with an upgrade, then my script has the real potential break as well because GUI scripting relies on very strict parameters. Toggle Internet Sharing: Prestaul Prestaul 3.

Does not really work on Lion for me. It displays the growl success message and toggles the option in the system preferences but the WiFi-symbol doesn't change to the sharing and other devices can't see that the wifi is shared, so I think it isn't on: NetworkSharing and sudo launchctl stop com. NetworkSharing respectively. Dori Dori 6, 1 27 Sounds like Marco Polo symonds. The Google Group says "the MarcoPolo project isn't dead, per se, but it's being developed very slowly. My wifi symbol in the menu bar shows an upward arrow on a grey background and regardless of turning off internet sharing in system preferences it stays on and when i go back to check on internet sharing it is checked again.

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