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Perform a Clean Install of Snow Leopard OS X

WoodHeBe, you are my hero!!!!! Thank You to OP and others for this overview! This allows me to make a Bootable Master Universal This restarts the Finder, reveals invisible files. Now replace the OSInstall.

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Used Onyx again, unchecking the "Show hidden files and folders" option. This again restarts the Finder. I now have a Bootable Master Universal Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. More Mac Sites: Macworld MacUser iPhone Central. Make a universal Why do we need this? Because Apple quit releasing full retail versions of Snow Leopard with If you have an Apple computer made after the Core 2 Duos, the Early MacBook Pros fall in this category.

Version We are are going to unlock a How to do it: Set the Finder to reveal hidden files: Then type: This file in the Open another Finder window, and navigate to the same place in the Replace the existing OSInstall. We do this because the retail installation script won't install the Check the 'copy all' box when the Finder warns you that the files already exist. Open Disk Utility and plug in an 8 gig thumb drive. Find the drive on the left side of the Disk Utility window and click on it. Now click Partition, chose 1 Partition, give it a name and click the Options button.

Choose the GUID partition choice and close the window. Click the Partition button. I had problems getting the Backup utility in Disk Utility to do this. You can boot any ready for Snow Leopard Mac with this Installer. I know we've published hints like this in the past, but I just want to point out that the intent here is not to rip off Apple, but to handle what can be a very messy systems management issue in environments with many different models of Macs, using the tools that are available.

The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say. I think he means "shift" command-g, which is the "go to folder" command.

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Alternative to original post Authored by: Like all good hints, with a lot of eyeballs they just get better. Thanks for figuring out the logic was in OSInstall.

Install Snow Leopard while erasing everything on your computer

So now, it's an automated affair, and it retains the original OSInstall. Paste the code into TextWrangler name it "makeUniversalDisc. App store version may not do this? Then simply double click and follow the prompts. Fofer on Feb 22, '12 KRivers on Jun 11, '12 Bezier on Jul 13, '12 MilMascaras on Oct 26, '12 Search Advanced. From our Sponsor Everything works fine up until the last step after entering my ID and Password Try again later.

My hard drive crashed on my Imac took it to computer repair they installed new hard drive, tried to recover data but could not, when we presented the imac to the apple store they told me i would have to buy back my old hd from them um hello no way, so thats why we went to another place that works on macs, so apple said i had lion on the mac, i couldnt remeber but now i remember i had leopard, the computer place installed lion, well now I cannot get any of my programs installed from the dics i have, like my photo software, etc, any cd i put in stays in for a minute then pops back out.

I turn on the computer, hold the command and r keys for 15 sec. Oh the joy of reading Service currently not available when it tries to download Mavericks online and all the while having only windows computer working. My late Mac Pro would not boot this AM. Would not let me reinstall OS X. Would any think it is more than a bad internal drive 1? I pulled the drive 1 out, checked all the pins and reinstalled into its slot firmly. It goes to grey screen and first tone There is not the "Reinstall the OS X" in my computer. Why not? Now what can I do?

Please help me. I really need my computer for work. Whenever I turn on my iMac, it would load up to the apple logo and shut down after a few seconds. This happened ever time i tried to turn it back on again. I had a bit of hope but nothing ever changed so I decided to erase my disk and was immediately promoted me to restart my computer. When I did, it brought me a a symbol of a folder with a question mark which flashed forever.

How to Boot Snow Leopard from a DVD-ROM

I held the power button to turn it off and hit it to turn it on again while pressing command and R keys at the same time, it brings me a sign of a spinning globe that loads forever. When I restart it and immediately insert its installation DVD while pressing key C, it brings me the apple logo and stays like that for ages. This is freaking me out. I have read and tried so may solutions online but nothing has changed. Please help me with another way. If I am currently running a public beta of El Capitan, will this method still work and install the official release of El Capitan?

There's a good chance that it will re-install the public beta version, since it was the most recent OS installed on your Mac. Apple suggests installing from the Mac App Store instead. Now I need to format the new HD. Do I need a utility disk? I never created one on this Macbook Pro can I create a utility disk from a newer iMac? Select the disk from the menu, select your language, then choose Disk Utility from the Utility drop-down menu and proceed to reformat it to the right settings.


Then you can go back and install the OS. Try again later can anyone help me how to recover all the apps without recovery disc and without back up? I am just wondering. Hey Adriel.

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So I'm having a slightly different issue. I've followed your steps, but every time I hit "erase," it brings up a notice saying: Couldn't unmount disk. I've attached a pic of the error. However, on the left one can clearly see the main " But it allowed me to erase the Macintosh HD option. Why is that?

Install OSX 10.5 Leopard on Powerbook G4 (a1138) with a USB drive! WITH 10.5 LEOPARD IMAGE

Has my drive been erased nonetheless? Or do I still need to do something else? Is all hope lost? I'm now stuck on the pop up window which says "To download and restore Mac OS X, your computer's eliegiiilty will have to be verified with Apple. Loading Installation information It shouldn't be too long.

If that doesn't do the trick, there's another more complicated course of action you could try.

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  • Step 1: Back Up Your Files! When erasing the harddrive, which format is ideal?