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Everything happens on the overworld, including battle. To engage in combat, just click on your target — you automatically perform melee attacks. You activate magical spells by clicking on the circle around your cat, and then selecting an equipped skill up to four. Watch out for higher-level monsters though, because they will attack you when you get close enough.

When this happens, just run away! Use Gold to purchase loot boxes from the cat merchant, unlock new spells, or upgrade existing magic to become more potent. Running low on health? Just make a dash for the nearest town and take a catnap on the pillow — free heals! Doing this also saves the game, which is convenient. Cat Quest has a story that reveals itself through the main quests. This is beneficial to you because of experience and rewards. We've rounded up ten more funny titles that will keep you chuckling throughout. There's something for every sense of humor here! Seeking a survival RPG with a lot of sass?

Then Crashlands is a must. In Crashlands , you take control of Flux Dabes, a galactic trucker who just had her latest shipment derailed by the nefarious Hewgodooku. Crashlands is well known for having a huge in-game world, and it will take years to discover every nook and cranny of the map for the three biomes.

But watch out, as there are many dangerous creatures who want you dead. In Crashlands , players will need to collect resources to build their home base on each biome.

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Combat in Crashlands is similar to Cat Quest , where everything happens on the overworld in real time. Click to select your target, and Flux begins auto-attacking. Use your gadgets and gizmos for stronger attacks. You can also augment your attacks with effects from weapons like burning, poison, and life drain.

There are also pets to tame and use as help in battle, so find those eggs! Crashlands is also available on iOS and Android. Even though you take control of the terrifying Skullface, who can resist his cute voxel charm? Typewriters, floppy drives, the original Playstation starting up. Which of the following, aged tech sounds, do you remember?

Which other sounds take you back? Read More throughout the game menus, giving it an authentic feel.

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On top of the great graphics, Slayaway Camp has a synth-infused metal soundtrack that goes so well with slasher films. To top off the audio, excellent voice acting and sound effects, such as slashing and screaming, add the icing on the cake. In Slayaway Camp , players go through a series of scenes in a movie, with each videotape serving as its own chapter in the game.

The scenes are puzzles where you must kill everyone and then make your escape through the portal, then go on to the next scene. Some stages are a bit more complicated, as you must kill and escape within a certain number of turns. Others have tricky floor layouts, so you have to watch out for hazards like bonfires and holes.

After successful scenes, you get a bonus kill opportunity. Clearing this also nets you bonus coins. You can spend these coins on new killers or Gorepacks, which are entertaining ways that your killer can perform kill scenes. Have an itch for a fantasy action RPG? Then Bastion is right up your alley. One of the most appealing aspects of Bastion is the hand-drawn environments. Players travel through luxurious isometric landscapes that float in the sky, which form paths as you move forward.

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The art is full of vibrant, eye-catching colors and the way the levels come together is seamless. Another special thing about Bastion is the fact that the game features dynamic voiceover from a mysterious narrator.


The voice itself is also rather deep and rich, making it quite soothing to listen to. These shards power up a structure called the Bastion, after the apocalyptic Calamity occurs. Now you have a huge variety of massive RPGs you can play natively! Here are ten RPGs all Mac gamers should play.

Read More. Each stage features gorgeous fantasy environments that reveal paths as you near the edge of the world. Arsenals available at specific locations throughout the game provide you with more weapon choices. Special attacks are represented by black tonic items that drop in levels or when slaying enemies, and only last for three uses. Between levels, the Kid hangs out in the Bastion.

You can use collected fragments currency to buy materials and upgrade weapons to become stronger. When you have cores, you may add a new structure to Bastion, like a Distillery or Armory. These will reward players with different levels of prizes. Even though Bastion is several years old, it still holds up incredibly well. If you're a fanatic who's already played them all, these seven titles should keep you busy until the next official release! Read More over fantasy. As with Bastion , the developer delivers another knockout with Transistor in terms of visual and audio design.

FEZ v1.12 | MacOSX Free Download

Transistor features beautiful sci-fi inspired environments and characters, all in an isometric point of view. Narration comes through Transistor, the sword that the main character, Red, uses. In Transistor , players take on the role of a singer named Red as she travels through the futuristic city of Cloudbank with the talking sword, Transistor.

While Red is on her mission, she encounters enemies known as the Process and must engage them in real-time combat. What makes the battling in Transistor unique is the frozen planning mode called Turn. When you use Turn , the action bar drains but refills after a short delay. The system takes a bit of getting used to, but it works well once you understand it. Red earns experience points after battles and may find new powers, called Functions, from fallen Process. Red can have up to four Functions equipped as techniques.

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The search term must be at least 3 characters long. Fez Can Fez be played with a usb controller?

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Posted June 22, Wanting to buy it, but my keyboard platforming skills are pretty bad. Anyone know if you can use a gamepad for it? I have a Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2 that works well with the Xce software. Posted July 01,