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If it is, then it is a Safari thing and will likely be in Safari's preferences under "Auto Fill". All Auto Fill options in Safari are switched off. And yes, it's not working in Text Edit. There are no preferences in Safari for Auto Correct that I can see.

Add, edit, or turn off automatic corrections

Why, Apple, why?! Jul 26, Aug 11, 5: Aug 20, 1: I've also discovered in Safari that the fields are different. For example: I've kind of got used to the auto-correction now, I think Apple needs to put a global setting in either Safari Preferences or Keyboard Preferences maybe? Sep 15, Sep 20, 6: It means that your cursor has to be in a box where text can be written like address bar in safari or in the "google search" bar. Nov 9, 2: Thanks, you saved my day.

Le WordPad de Windows sur Mac

I was totally fed up with Safari changing my spellings to British when I had deliberately used American. Software vendors need to treat their users with more respect.

Tutoriel Word 2016 pour Mac : Insérer et corriger automatiquement - xylonybyki.tk

Disable auto correct in Safari? More Less.

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User profile for user: Helpful answers Drop Down menu. View answer in context. It was created primarily as an aid to save time and facilitate the work of all those who need to understand Latin texts for the transcription of manuscripts, for example , but also to fix correct Latin texts scanned and processed by OCR, usually with many faults.

In order to get in touch with our software, a good 'How To' written in Latin language can be read here. Note that the Latinists from the Vatican City are using our software since its early releases.

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The way Latin words are written depends indeed on local habits, choices made for a particular project, or the scholar's field of study. Likewise, some conventions impose to keep the letters j and v, whereas others impose to transcribe them as, respectively, i and u. See the corresponding dialogue box here. Use the Microsoft Word interface to do so. Here is a snapshot of a good configuration. The WebEx demonstrations also show how to setup the user dictionary.

Disable the spell-check plugin

You will have to run at the command line setLa2K. You can have a look to the messages on our dedicated forum [en] in case of trouble.

May you have any question, please contact us at: You can use this file as a test to get in touch with the spell checker, or another one here. The WebEx demo: