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If you choose Forget this Mac , your credentials for the selected Mac will be forgotten. To reconnect to that Mac, you will need to re-enter your username and password. If you have successfully paired to a Mac build host, you are ready to build Xamarin.

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Take a look at the Introduction to Xamarin. If you have not been able to pair a Mac, try manually adding a Mac or take a look at the troubleshooting guide. If you do not see a particular Mac listed in the Pair to Mac dialog, add it manually:. Depending on your network configuration, you may need to use an interface name other than en0. For example: Mono, Xamarin. Pair to Mac will check to make sure that Mono is installed. If it is not installed, Pair to Mac will download and install the latest stable version of Mono on the Mac.

Pair to Mac upgrades Xamarin. Pair to Mac will not downgrade Xamarin. If you have Visual Studio for Mac installed, set your release channel as follows:.

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Pair to Mac will also check to determine whether Xcode has been installed and its license accepted. While Pair to Mac does not install Xcode, it does prompt for license acceptance, as shown in the following screenshots click to zoom:. Additionally, Pair to Mac will install or update various packages distributed with Xcode. For example:.


These logs may contain error messages to help you better diagnose the failure or get support. Visual Studio stores msbuild in the following directory: With these keys, future logins will not require a username or password. If the ServerPassword parameter is omitted from a command-line build invocation, Pair to Mac attempts to log in to the Mac build host using the saved SSH keys. Our feedback system is built on GitHub Issues.

If you use the user www to start your web server, then this user must have the right to access the files inside the document root folder. Typically this is not the case. You can either adapt the access rights or use the current Mac user to start your web servers. During the development phase of a site it is easier to use the current Mac user to start your web server.

The user www is generally only used on production servers. Not only does it show you the access rights of the document root folder but also all the rights of all the subdirectories and files inside it. The Xip.

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They are temporary and may become invalid if you restart your Mac. Also make sure that your Internet router is not blocking Xip. If the router does this you can either deactivate this function, add Xip. Vladimir Ciobica. Mike Williams.

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