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Can Notification Center on John O 1 When a Growl notification gets issued I want to trigger an AppleScript. I had a look at the "Actions" in the Growl preferences, and you can trigger things like an email or a text-to-speech call, but I'm using the Twitter app by Twitter, and on my previous system I used Growl to display tweets. Now, however, Joost 3 11 Can the Growl update message be stopped without removing Growl? I've recently migrated to Mountain Lion. Every now and then I get a Growl notification saying that a new version of Growl is available.

The new version is a paid app, which I don't want to buy, but I Nathaniel 5 12 Mac Sudden Motion Sensor: Obtaining activation state Very similar to this SuperUser question, I'd like to know if there's a way to know when the SMS is actually engaged. Note that I do not want to know if the sensor is enabled which can be done from Growl notifications in Fullscreen Apps I've just re-installed Growl and noticed it's version 2.

The notification is Touff 2 6.

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Do I need to buy Growl in order to use the iterm2 growl feature? Seems the notification is not working, or do I need to buy the Growl from App Store in order to use it? Yoga 1 4 Is there a way to forward Growl notifications to Notification Centre? Since there's a lot of apps that support Growl, and only a handful have been updated yet, I'd like to know if there's a way to convert those Growl notifications into Notification Centre notifications.

How to style notifications in Mountain Lion?

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Growl notifications can be styled using css. Has anyone made any inroads on styling the notifications in Notification Center in Mountain Lion? AppleScript and Growl: How to choose the display style? I'm using AppleScript and calling Growl notifications and I notice that it ignores my choice of using Bezel as my system default style. It only changes if I manually change it in Growl's preferences. Why is Growl showing redundant notifications for Keka?

Whenever I carry out an action in Keka, such as extraction or compression, I receive three Growl notifications. All are identical, but only one has the correct icon Keka's icon while the other two Jamie Schembri 1 6. Is it possible to set the duration of a GrowlNotify notification?

Looking to speed up Growl notifications on a per-application basis doesn't seem possible within Growl's own GUI , I'm sceptical but still curious if this is possible via GrowlNotify: Does anyone Henrik 2 7 How can I show Growl notifications on both displays? I've got a MacBook Pro connected to an external display. Right now the notifications come through on on the primary display MacBook Pro built in display and not the external display.

I know I can Empty the Trash at your convenience. To remove all files related to Growl, look further down for the Other files left on the system section. Note for App Store users If you removed Growl 1. If you run the uninstaller after installing 1. The uninstaller will remove Growl from both of the places where it might be installed, skipping any where it isn't. If you are uninstalling Growl for a reason that you feel we should be told about, please contact us through one of the methods on the contact page, and we can look into fixing those problems.

If uninstalling with the Growl Uninstaller appears to fail, it's probably because an application reinstalled Growl on your system. See our page about applications that install Growl without your permission for more information. The uninstaller is a bit easier than the manual steps. However, here are the manual removal steps. The steps above will remove Growl itself, but will leave other files on the system in case you want to reinstall Growl. These files are basically text files, and will not do anything to your system.

They also do not take up a lot of space. This happens because the applications install what is now an old version of Growl, so the next time that it is out of date and does its update check, it finds that it is out of date and reports that to the user. The vast majority are the latter. First, there was Dropbox. Dropbox decided to basically install Growl if you left a box checked when it installed.

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If you removed Growl, then Dropbox would reinstall Growl whenever it needed to use Growl. Dropbox has subsequently released an updated version that fixes this reinstallation issue, but Dropbox does still install Growl without prompting the user. Crazy, right? You decide to remove something, and something else reinstalls it? You have to know that you should go to Dropbox and disable a checkbox.

The best part?

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Plus, they asked us to remove our notice that Dropbox is one of the problem applications. Dropbox has promised to release a new version which addresses this, but that means that all users would need to update before the problem goes away for us, the people working on Growl. The Dropbox developers declined to comment. This all changed recently. When Adobe shipped CS5 , they decided to install Growl without even telling people at all. Around the same time, it seems that the Dropbox users started flooding in more, and we even found another application doing the same thing, but in a worse way.

Then the floodgates opened. People are angry, calling us names, calling Growl names. Thank goodness we have a good reputation, and that we have good users who are defending us. Now, some of the people contacting us are nice, they tend to just want to know what Growl is. Some call us horrible things.

Either way, the situation is just awful. When we really noticed the problem is when we put out a new version. Our version updating system is in dire need of being improved, and is going to be in 2. So, say you are a user who installed Dropbox and left the default on today. What would happen is some time in the next 24 hours, you would receive a popup saying that a new Growl is out. Say you get that far, figure out what Growl is, and you remove it? Is that all? An older version of Growl.

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Within 24 hours of that happening, Growl reappears. So some users just scream at us instead. Not really.